Computex 2011:Pro’sKit 展示拆解 iPhone / iPod 的专用工具(台湾制造)


Pro’sKit 的产品大多为工具类,这次在 Computex 展出专门拆解iPhone / iPod 的工具组(连吸盘也是),国外虽然已经有了,只是进价颇贵,而这款 Toolkit for iPhone 是台湾制造,而且价格并不会太过昂贵,约莫25美金上下,相当适合经常拆解 iPhone / iPod 的人。

Pro’sKit makes tool kits for Apple Products. The one shown above is a kit for disassembling iPhone or iPod (notice the suction pad). It is made in Taiwan and costs about $25.